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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

4 Months OLD

Little Miss Sydney turned Four Months old on the 12th of Septemeber. Yes, I am late in my posting because I was trying to get a picture that represented her at this stage. I started hanging a monthly black & white picture of her in her room on one wall with the intent to chronicle this first year. Her FEET have definitely become very amusing to her. I am just waiting to turn around and find one in her mouth. I know it is coming. Honestly she has been such an easy kid. She is long and lean, with long skinny feet like her mama. Her second round of vaccinations went great...she only cried briefly at the Dr's and then went right back to her happy-go-lucky self the rest of the day. She is chewng on EVERYTHING she can get her hands on, and the Dr. thinks her teeth may be here sooner than we think! Sydney spends most of her day squealing & cooing under her Baby Einstein Mat, Bouncing around in her Doorway Jumper, or sitting up in her Bumbo while Mom/Dad trys to feed her cereal. She learned quickly what that spoon was and likes to purse her lips closed when Mom comes anywhere near her with it. However, we have learned a few tricks to get her to open her mouth and she hasn't spit any of it back out on to us yet! Sydney is still sleeping through the night and Matt and I usually find ourselves waking her up...she might just take after her second cousin Tim who could sleep his way through life is he was allowed...and of course got paid to do so! is good! Sydney was well worth the wait and we love sharing all of her endeavors with you on this journey...keep checking back...theres lots more to come!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We found this amusing...

For anyone who is also a fan of Obama, you may find this video as amusing as we did.