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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Like BATHS!!!

So...Sydney actually enjoys her are a few recent pics!

Sydney Corinne Epperson

On Monday May 12th at 2:48pm we welcomed to earth
a beautiful healthy chubby cheeked baby girl...

Sydney Corinne
8 lbs, 12 oz, 20 inches
With a full head of black hair!!!

AND she is growing so fast already...

Epperson Family Blog FINALLY begins...

I am sure my friend Melissa will be so happy to FINALLY see that I got around to getting this thing going! I mean it's only been six weeks since Sydney joined us...and she's only yelled at me via Myspace and email a few times, but just so you know...whether it's a lame excuse or not I just located the cord to my camera the other allowing me to finally get all of these pictures on to my computer!!!

And when I opened up my email this morning...I received the Blog Address for our friends Evan and Deanna who just brought a beautiful Baby Boy Austin into the world on my Birthday this past thursday...and if she already has a blog going...I figured I better get the ball rolling!!! it is...the beginning of the Epperson Family Saga as a new family of 3!