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Thursday, December 4, 2008


The little Monkey figured out that she could hold that bottle on her own! Every time she would eat...she would grab the bottle, shove it in her mouth and immediately throw her arms out to the side hoping that we would know to catch it since she didn't want to hold it...but today, today she finally picked up on the fact that her arms are made to come forward and she can grab on to that bottle herself!!! This was the second bottle of the day...and little did she know I mixed in the rest of the veggies she wouldn't eat at lunch! She has become pretty picky with her food lately...she loves and devours her fruit and cereal every morning, but lunch and dinner is a fight...I am pretty sure she has our I figured there was no point in wasting the rest of it today and she needs the Squash-Bottle it was...and she sucked the entire thing down!!!