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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day...

Christmas Day is ALWAYS a whirlwind of jumping from one families house to the next...we are looking forward to a day when everyone will come to us! Wishful Thinking on our part...probably not going to happen until my Grandchildren are here! We met up at Matt's Aunt's house for a quick gift exchange between all of the Cousins. We use a festive word - this year it was S N O W F L A K E S - There are 10 of us and 10 we then draw a letter for each person and you have to purchase a $20 gift card at a store that starts with that letter. Sounds easy...but we eliminate restaurants immediately and sometimes you have to get creative with your letter. After the Cousin Gift Exchange we headed over to Matt's Parents house to have our gift exchange, and then his Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, and cousins come back over for our exchange together. After that we hung out for a bit before heading over to my parents house where we had a quite unusual exchange this year. As most of you know, my family just keeps getting bigger! So with the economic crunch that we have all felt this year, we decided that we would draw names as usual, but instead the limit is $5.00 and you have to make it! Here are a few of the creations that some of the fam came up with up... 1) Replica of our Montana Cabin made out of Gingerbread & Pretzels for Logs...this was to my Dad from Matt. 2) The 'Drunken Timmay' filled with delicious unhealthy snacks like cookies and chexmix for the next time Tim comes home from the Bar - given by Angela to Tim. 3) The Hammer Toolbelt Hook for Tyson made by my Dad for when Ty finishes school in Montana and finally hangs up his toolbelt. 4) The $5 that Tim wrapped up for me since he isn't as creative as everyone else and waited until the LAST MINUTE and 5) A loaf of Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips made by Molly for Matt. There were several others which I failed to get pics of...but it was an interesting exchange!!!