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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where did the tolerance go???

So...we went to the KU / MU Game yesterday at Arrowhead! It was cold and the first day in KC to really start snowing! I managed to get through the first half of the game before the numerous bloody m
ary's I had with breakfast decided they didn't like me anymore! You think your tolerance comes back after 9 months on sabattical, and seeing as Sydney is 6.5 months old now...but not so much! apologies to my fellow guests and those I drunk dialed from my seat! I know Matt and I missed the second half of what I hear was a great game...he listened to it from the car...but I guess we are finally even for the John Mayer concert he celebrated passed out in the lawn at Sandstone for my Birthday last summer! - By the way, Spence thanks for that water at Halftime...although I think I lost it in the bathroom right before my glove fell in the toilet! Rock Chalk JAYHAWKS - KU still rules!